Singer Apollo

This Singer Apollo was Singers top model in the second half of the 1880's. The tangent spokes form a beautiful pattern and a very sturdy wheel. Front and rear hub can't be confused with anything else: this is a bicycle with a lot of character. 

I have pictures of two Apollo's. Both bicycles are not completely original.

The left picture gives acces to a set of pictures of Singer serial # 49013, which was built around 1887. Saddle was rebuilt during restoration and it has a non original rear hub, but details like brake gear etc. are fully original. Spokes have been replaced in order to ride it.  One of the pictures shows the original Brooks saddle in unrestored condition. 

The right picture shows a Singer Apollo that has been sold by Robert Sterba. Parts like saddle, spring and front brake have been changed. I am not sure (it's hidden under the thick paint) but I think serial number is 64 708, which makes it a very late high wheel, 1890-1891. Let's hope the man who bought it gives it a better restoration: getting rid of the black shiny paint a making better-looking copies of the non-original parts....

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